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With Meier Sadiku Law Ltd, a dynamic law firm will be established on 01.04.2022, which unconditionally focuses on the needs of its clients and convinces with pragmatic solutions. The team around the lawyers Sämi Meier and Artan Sadiku is active throughout Switzerland as well as internationally, in particular in the areas of criminal law, commercial law, sports law and social security law.

Alice F. is found guilty of murder in the second instance!

"The family has a need not only for financial compensation but for recognition of the crime by the accused," Sadiku told the court. The enormous loss of the then seven-year-old son could not be compensated with money, but it would give the parents compensation for the suffering they experienced and the impact on their lives today.

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"Could the murder have been prevented?"

And the family needs support right now. On Tuesday, the child murder will go to court again: both the Mahmuti family and the perpetrator have appealed the verdict. The perpetrator, who was sentenced to custody in the first instance, wants to be acquitted. The family is concerned with getting adequate compensation and satisfaction, as their lawyer Artan Sadiku explains: "The court has rejected all claims on the grounds that the accused has no assets. This is a mockery!"

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Press Conference with Rap Superstar Loredana

All in white and wearing black sunglasses, rapper Loredana Zefi appeared at a press conference in Pristina in mid-May. The Lucerne public prosecutor's office had previously opened an investigation on suspicion of fraud and is investigating on the basis of a fraud sum of 350,000 Swiss francs. Loredana was accompanied by Lucerne lawyer Artan Sadiku and Kosovar star lawyer Tom Gashi.

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"Discriminatory and racist": control by Aargau cantonal police officers causes criticism

In its decision, the Aargau High Court states: "There is a lack of sufficient suspicion of the crime". Meier agrees with this assessment: "Although it must have been quickly clear to the police officers after a look in the boot that they were not burglars, they were treated like serious criminals. If they had been driving with Austrian or Italian number plates, they would not have been arrested."

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JUDGMENT AGAINST FCSG-CHAOT: Now the lawyer of the firecracker victim speaks out

"In the dispute over the Federal Criminal Court's verdict against an FC St.Gallen supporter, the victim's lawyer is now speaking out. He emphasises the post-traumatic stress disorder and the tinnitus from which the victim has suffered since the incident."

"The court had thus correctly assessed the expert opinions, explained the victim's lawyer. Moreover, both experts had unanimously confirmed that the victim had been suffering from second-degree tinnitus and associated sleep and psychological disorders since the incident. According to a psychiatric report, the victim suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. There could therefore be no question of a previous illness.

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